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Monday, February 28, 2005

Waiting for spring.

Well, it seems that winter does not want to rear its ugly head this year.
Everywhere I hear news of bad weather. Fabio told me that London was cold on Saturday, Susanna called me from Hong Kong the same day saying that the sky was grey and heavy with rain and...I was enjoying the sun in Milan (even though it snowed over Sunday night and it is incredibly cold today)!
I long for spring. After the never ending dark months it is a re-birth. Not just a change of season, but a change of perspective, the beginning of a world of possibilities. Don't you feel like making new friends, travel the world, fall in love? Clothes get lighter, colours bloom and you don't have to hurry your pace while out and about. You can lose yourself outside and enjoy the wonder of it all.
I have a very fond memory of a Saturday in late April 2004, that I spent in the rose garden at Regent's Park in London, drinking red wine till the sun set on the water.
It will come soon, and let us all marvel at its beauty and take full advantage. We are lucky enough to be able to do it.
Kiss one another, celebrate and enjoy. Love. Marco


  • At February 28, 2005 at 2:55 AM, Blogger Fabio said…

    At least we are leaving February behind! Tomorrow will be March 1st and this sounds already exciting to me.

    I went to Richmond Park yesterday and had lunch with some friends in a pub on the North bank of the river. It was sunny when we reached the pub, but while we were inside, facing a big window, it started snowing. We watched the snow falling gently in the river. Winter can have wonderful moments too.

    But I long for Spring as you do (and listen to Josh Rouse to speed the good season).


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